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i_have_no_enemies, (edited )

China is really popping of recently, i hope it prospers more

soon it will reach 20K USD nominal gdp per capita, hopefully their currency overtakes dollar as well.

Chinese language is also flourishing


if it happened today it will be called a “genocide”


we have been setting new temp records since 2023 mid-may

what tf did you guys do on 2nd week of may 2023?


How tf did they seize it? isn’t mastodon instance federated? don’t the admins own it?


yea found a fix by someone else as well

Stéphane Bortzmeyer @bortzmeyer

@GossiTheDog Since the authoritative name servers still reply; you can also ask the resolver administrator to forward requests for queer.af to kiki.bunny.net and coco.bunny.net.

did not know they can control domain names,

is it possible to deny them that request? why did maston comply with them?


i think they meant bottom


what does it even mean?


what’s that? ik it is universal basic income but don’t know what it actually means

This Website Tracked Hate Crimes in India. Then the Government Took It Offline (www.wired.com)

India, the world’s largest democracy, prepares to kick off its election season in just a matter of weeks. But activists and experts worry that the government is cracking down on platforms and internet service providers to silence critical voices, and tighten its grip on the information ecosystem....


hindu is an ethnicity?

did not know that


it’s an electoral autocracy …according to BBC atleast

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