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Why do all these genius millionaires/billionaires suddenly have no money when it comes to paying their court ordered punishments?

Charges against alleged white supremacists are tossed by a California judge for the second time (

For the second time in five years, federal charges against alleged members of a violent white supremacist group accused of inciting violence at California political rallies were dismissed by a federal judge who found they were selectively prosecuted....

Custoslibera, (edited )

I’m certain the Nazis won’t see this as a green light and be emboldened by the pseudo support this judge is providing them…


I stopped watching Casey videos when he stopped making them ‘cinematic’.

Is he still a thing? Is he still married to Candice (sic)?


I wonder how many lemmings understand this is a Beach Boys reference.

Do they still get a lot of radio play in the USA?

Ex-FBI informant charged with lying about Bidens had Russian intelligence contacts, prosecutors say (

A former FBI informant charged with making up a multimillion-dollar bribery scheme involving President Joe Biden, his son Hunter and a Ukrainian energy company had contacts with Russian intelligence-affiliated officials, prosecutors said in a court paper Tuesday....


It’s disappointing that this still won’t stop Y’allqaeda from believing its true.

Custoslibera, (edited )

Lemmy is actually leftist unlike Reddit.

Telling Nazis they should follow Hitler’s lead and kill themselves is just a Tuesday here.


If an item doesn’t appear in our records it does not exist.


I hate Elon because he is a capitalist crushing the working class, an alt-right con artist and takes credit for things he didn’t do.

I hate Taylor because she is a performative liberal who espouses progressive politics but doesn’t follow through making her a hypocrite.

I hate both because they are billionaires and neither should have been able to accumulate as much wealth as they have.


It isn’t inherently unethical to make money off of music.

If you’re implying that she is an ethical billionaire though then I have bad news for you.


There are dozens of them. DOZENS!!!


I’m curious what the cops could have actually done given existing legislation.

Were they able to arrest and detain him because he was in breach of the AVO or can’t they do anything?

If they could have done something and didn’t then they should be held accountable.

If the law is written such that they couldn’t arrest him then I’m not sure what could have changed.

It’s a frustrating thing.


Are you saying that police released him on bail?


In that case then yeah they screwed up.


I don’t disagree with you in principle but I don’t want to have a situation where police detain people on the off chance they may commit a future crime.

That’s a recipe for disaster.

In this case though it could be argued that the police releasing him on bail was a mistake and the courts should have made the call.


Could you post your social security number, please?


Will he actually have to pay this in any realistic time frame?

Or does he get to lodge a Supreme Court appeal that takes another 5 years to get a decision?


There’s no justice in this world when a man like Navalny is murdered in prison and someone like Putin is alive.

Navalny was a hero.


Damn, it was the one place that hadn’t been corrupted by capitalism.


No things wont be fine. At least for me and many others anyway.

I’m sorry you can’t see that yet.

There is an underclass of angry, often white, men who are frustrated at their life and instead of directing their rage at the capitalist system, which is responsible for the position they are in, they’ve been told immigrants, socialism, feminism, LGBTQIA+ and brown people are the problem.

They are now organising to make their fictional narrative reality and I will be crushed when this happens along with millions of others, like you, who thought this could never happen again.

The tragedy is that those same men who think they’ll be empowered by fascists will be swept aside the moment they are no longer useful. They are victims to an extent too, just that they will have enacted violence and terror while being wrong.


How old do you think I am?

I’m ancient by Lemmy standards.

Age has made me more aware that most adults have no idea what they are doing but think they actually do by virtue that they’ve survived to their 40’s and beyond. This makes them incredibly dangerous.


If they ever secure power my fate is basically sealed. I’ve accepted that.

It’s not slippery slope to be clear eyed about reality.


If Modi, Trump, La Pen, Orban aren’t elected/reelected perhaps I’d change my view but I don’t have good reasons for thinking those things won’t happen.

If you believe that if those people are elected and it won’t lead to more fascism then I’m not sure what to say.


Hmmmm I also frequent white supremacist sympathising discord and my general take away is that they are more desperate and more willing to take violent action to align reality with their views.

Of course this is only anecdotal so it’s kind of a moot point.

I’d be more confident in your opinion if there wasn’t a prevailing view that America will reelect Trump.

If trump isn’t elected it may not even stop fascism though.

Hitler was jailed before he rose to power, trump could very easily do the same. If I’m going to be optimistic about anything it’s the fact that Trump is very old and may not survive prison or the presidency for an extended period.


I hope you’re correct. I just don’t fully believe it.

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