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I'm feeling a little low today. What are some things that you folx do to help yourselves out of a funk?

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@sebwhatever @actuallyautistic In my opinion it's permission to defensively mask

And what I mean is also prophylactic defense

If you're all the way down into RBF, or actual frowning which is a ratcheting of RBF You have all of these different nuts to untie

So being mindful enough to keep them untied is what to do when the happiness isn't there

So you don't have to work through them

The opening of the mouth should easily be above the bottom of upper teeth

Nostrils maximum flare, jaw open..

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@sebwhatever @actuallyautistic If you look at yourself in the mirror with your teeth together, it's a very tense look

Lightly open is the way

A slight o with the lips everything relaxed so that gravity fills that area up with water instead of tension making it harsh lines that take time to undo

It's pure logistics for me because if I don't and I get cramped in an angry face, I can't sing sometimes for months

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The colony of South Carolina was the most radical one south of Virginia.

They’ve always been radical.

Nothing much has changed.

Yesterday’s is the of today.


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@paninid @histodons well I'm voting for Nikki Haley in the primary since the Democratic primary isn't competitive. I want to vote against Trump as many times as possible

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Image being a doctor.

Imagine being a medic.
Imagine being a photographer.
Imagine being a parent.
Imagine being a child.

And imagine your home got bombed, after you were told to move there to "be safe". Your child gets hurt, and you end up in a hospital that doesn't have any beds, any equipment, any pain killers, not even disinfectant.

You have to hold your child screaming while the doctors performing an operation on her, the pain is so overwhelming that you have to pin down the child with all your weight.

Just close your eyes and put yourself in their position.

As a father, I can't imagine such horror. Glad I never did.

Now imagine doctors, medics and photographers having to witness and perform these operations over and over again.

And we, the people with high morals, watching it happen. It's not like the words of witnesses that Israel and their whole multi billion dollar paid propagandists repeatedly calling them for "Pollywood", to make you have doubt about what you just watched and simply move on and ignore it.

There is absolutely no need to prevent painkillers getting into Gaza.
There is absolutely no need for the world to ignore the suffering of innocent children.

And there is no way those doctors, medics and photographers to stop doing what they possibly can to help the victims of Israeli bombings.

But we don't care.

We just move on with our lives not even thinking about those little ones who later die of the shock because their tiny hearts can't handle the unimaginable stress during the bombings and the horror of ab operation.

And by then, she become a number. One of 13400+ that the civilized world has chosen to ignore.

I am not sharing the video, I simply can't. Even the image is from another victim because I'm writing this with tearsein my eyes. I hate the world we live in, the politics, the religion, the money and anything that is justifying the ongoing slaughter of the innocent little angles who had the who life ahead them.

I simply can't. But most people do.


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@faab64 @palestine @Dullahan @syzygy don't worry, as per users report I'm going to ban this account that goes by the name of Dullahan.

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Ooh I like this, an illustration of the 21st Calcutta Cup, held in 1892, via 🏆🏉


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@AndorianSoup @rugby why is everyone leaning? Were they playing on a steep hill?

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Right. Got my fantasy line-up sorted for the weekend - and the greatest competition in the world - the CALCUTTA CUP!!! 🏉 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🏉

@rugby #Rugby #Rugby6Nations
#CalcuttaCup #Fantasy6Nations

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Been a little brave with the Italians (not saying who) just got a feeling they might show up at Paris again 😏

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In Japanese folklore there is a tale about a shapeshifting kitsune known to trick people and leave them with their heads shaved. Two bold young men tried to outwit the mischievous fox but met the same fate. You can read the whole tale on my website at the link below.

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@folklore @curiousordinary
I was not aware of that story. A strange concept, but perhaps not unique.

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(occupied) / Blinken says Israel's new settlements in West Bank "inconsistent" with international law

[…] Speaking at a news conference during a trip to Buenos Aires, said the United States was disappointed in Israel's announcement of plans for building new housing in the occupied West Bank, saying they were counterproductive to reaching an enduring peace.

[…] "They're also inconsistent with international law. Our administration maintains a firm opposition to settlement expansion, and in our judgment this only weakens, doesn't strengthen Israel's security," Blinken said.


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[cont’d] US reverses Trump-era policy on Israeli settlement expansion

[…] The secretary’s statement effectively reverses the 2019 “Pompeo doctrine,” a policy shift announced by former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that declared Israeli settlements as “per se” not inconsistent with international law.


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@oatmeal @ogalachowski @israel @palestine

Israell quite openly now DENIES the occupation. Their line (even if it is wartime rhetoric) is that it is THEIR land. They say it is all eretz Israel. They claim sovereignty from "the river Jordan to the Mediterranean" (or "from the river to the sea" to put it another way). That's why Netanyahu calls the enemy "Amalek".
And their allies don't challenge that language or those claims. Which makes my country complicit in war crimes and genocide.

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...another question for the here 😅

Does anyone know anything about the etymology of "takkeherrie"...?

Might be something for a blog, @fonolog and @GastonDorren ?


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@martinemussies @languagelovers Takke- was a euphemistic form of the usual diseases kanker- and tering-. Takkeherrie, takkezooi, takkebende. At one point there even was the character 'Lenie uit de Takkestraat' by Utrecht comédienne Tineke Schouten. Perhaps it does have Utrecht roots, I don't know.

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These Foots Are Made For Stompin'

And that's just what they'll do.
Weekly progress update on the Warmaster Titan! The legs are fully assembled and posed. This is a BIG model. I'm fairly sure the sizing is within an acceptable margin of error based off the height chart GW put out. Especially given that the Knight has a waist extender giving it a bit more height.

#hobby #HobbyStreak #40k #miniatures #Titan #WarHamFam #WarhammerCommunity #Warhammer40k #3dPrinting

3d printed Warmaster Titan model with a Chaos Knight model in front of it for size comparison. The top of the Knight model barely comes up to the Titan's knee joint.

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I'm glad that I've received so much positive feedback from the community. Next week's update I'll hopefully have some solid progress on assembling the torso.

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…rats? “yes, yes, pilot titan-thing to battle. kill-kill!”

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Diary of an ASD Squirrel. Day 118 , Friday 23/02/2024

TL:DR Meh!

Slept ok last night but am sooo tired today !

Did my chores .

I was hit by multiple triggers this morning, all of them minor but so many of them !

Frustration levels hit a peak , which is never good.

ESO helped lower the levels & cider & pizza are currently helping too.

Final Thoughts.

My brain is struggling to string words together tonight . I wonder what’s going on.

Thank you to all those who are helping me on this journey, in a myriad different ways. I am thankful to each & every one of you! 🫂 🫶🐿️🖖

#TimsASDjourney #ActuallyAutistic #TheMammutMoves

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Sorry I wasn't around! Day was crazy busy... Didn't have the energy after that to socialize and such. I was just blegb... So sorry about that.
I'll try to be around more today/tomorrow (depending when you read this 😉).
Sending big hugs and all that!
🧚🏼‍♀️🫂😘 & 🐶👅🐾 as always 💜

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:FrenchRugby: :IrishRugby: :ItalianRugby: :EnglandRugby: :WelshRugby: :ScottishRugby:

Welcome rugby fans to Round 3 of the Six Nations!

Please use #rugby and #6Nations to tag your posts, that helps fans find us, and also allows people to filter us out 😜

Using Mastodon? You can follow the hashtags!

Saturday: #IREvWAL and #SCOvENG
Sunday: #FRAvITA

Don't forget to include the global rugby community by cc'ing

➡️ @rugby

(click and follow that account now)

Ireland openside flanker Josh van der Flier and his Wales counterpart Tommy Reffell.
France maul against Italy
Six Nations standings: Ireland 10 points England 8 points Scotland 5 points France 4 points Wales 3 points Italy 1 point

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additional hashtags




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Wanted: Scientific Errors.

Cash Reward.

"Scientific-misconduct accusations are leading to retractions [...] But there’s no telling how widespread errors are in research: As it is, they’re largely brought to light by unpaid volunteers.

A program launching this month is hoping to shake up that incentive structure [...It] will pay reviewers to root out mistakes in influential papers,"



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1st thought: Cool!

The #gamification of fact checking might be a nice check and balance.

Might even bring a renewed focus on a methodological rigor and basic research. #academia #PeerReview

2nd thought:

‘Checks and balances’ aren’t really working out so well for democracy.

#scotus, #the4thestate, #corruption, #118congress

@erinnacland @academicchatter

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@erinnacland @academicchatter The program only analyzes papers of authors who agreed to have their article checked for errors. That's not good science at all.

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ADD q:

I spend most of my life far too exhausted to care, or even notice, but i've been sleeping long enough to actually dream for a week+ and my emotional resiliency is through the roof. Unfortunately...

I can't string two thoughts together. I don't have any caffeine, and probably won't until i'm allowed to use money again. Next friday, hopefully.

Any suggestions on how to survive until then? Lay in bed and doomscroll?


@Uair @actuallyautistic lay in bed, sure, doomscroll, less so xD

but i do find that "brain empty, just rest" can be really rejuvenating. i had to find a replacement for social media during those zonk-out times since i kept stumbling into upsetting things—hence the "less so" on doom-scrolling.

[ for me currently, that replacement is webcomics, since they're easier for my ADHD brain to read than paragraph format, and they're very bingeable (if/when you find a series you like with a backlog, anyway). ]

digestible TV or movies, simple games, something. the brain is tired? let the brain rest.

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Over 2/3 of Jewish Israelis oppose humanitarian aid to Palestinians starving in Gaza

A new Israeli Democracy Institute survey shows that 68% of Jewish Israelis oppose “the transfer of humanitarian aid to Gaza residents.”

@palestine @israel

krimsonbun, avatar

@mondoweiss @palestine @israel I don't think we should be relating religion to this, it could lead to hate against people for their religion instead of for supporting a literal genocide.

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Where do you go for zoomable world geographic and political maps? Maps for visually answering questions like "Does Slovenia have an Adriatic port?" (Koper is the largest), or "What Guyanan cities are near the area that Venezuela claims?" (Georgetown)

I used to use google maps for that, but lately their political and geographic labels have been getting harder to see. OSM is better but still prioritizes navigation over boundaries. Wikipedia has the info, but often not visually.


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