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Watching sports is better without live spectators ('fans')

During Covid lots of sorts were broadcast without any spectators. I found that it increased my viewing pleasure. No screaming crowds trying to make the most noise with drums (soccer), no altercations, no people throwing things or making annoying noices (MMA), no crazy people next to the road pushing cyclists....

Moderate in the US means moderately authoritarian.

Edit: I want to say that if certain people weren’t dead set on trolling I would have engaged in the argument that the US is already authoritarian. I’m inclined to fully agree. The constitution was written by wealthy whites wanting to preserve their own power. They did sprinkle in some democracy and we do thank them for that....

Mastodon (and similar) posts tagging Lemmy communities shouldn't automatically show up on Lemmy

Interoperability is great and all but they’re two different types of sites and the majority of the posts aren’t directed at the community, they’re just mentioning them. They rarely generate discussion and the hashtags/links make for garbage post titles on here

Female singers only want to sing about love, relationships, or breakups. They need to sing more about Godzilla, Vikings, The Grim Reaper, or making a bet with the Devil for a golden fiddle.

At this point in history there’s been a billion songs from female singers about relationships. Nearly every song revolves around that topic....

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