A #ttrpg nerd and a #rodent lover.

Pfp is my #hamster, Mister Peanut Butter, looking shocked at me taking a picture of him while he's busy grooming himself. Banner picture is of my two #cavy boars, Oreo (right) and Coffecake (left), who are claiming that I have never fed them once and will soon starve to death, despite the full food bowl behind them.

Sounders / Defiance / OL Reign fan
Boston expatriate
Adriana's husband

Kbin account for [email protected]. Yay!

she/it trans girl, i like godzilla, 100 gecs, and sonic!

producer/rapper, python developer, content creator, professional shitposter (they/them)

#blacklivesmatter #linux #socialist 18+

Lurky. Opinionated. Probably a cryptid.

I want mommy 🗿 I want milk 🤨 I want to be held 🥵 I want to be comforted 🥶 and if you don't do that immediately, I will ruin your life 😫

:transgender: :bisexual: 🇮🇱 🇺🇸 (Jewish American, not Israeli American)

please dont hit on me, I'm under 18

Trans rights are human rights
a weird combination of technologically clueless and very determined to do FOSS stuff
(crazyneutral on Tumblr, for any other members of the exodus)


I’m going $10 mode
he/him, minor

Certified thrall
I'm ivy and I'm the admin of
I'm also

cottagecore Sapphic trans demigirl
some flavor of bi idk

I'm the opposite of a high functioning individual. a low functioning person? non functioning? idk that's too much work to figure out

currently in university for computer science
rust has quickly become my favorite language

hrt 29 Dec 2022

dolls should have a healthy fear of birds

not a person. it really prefers not to be called this, please understand

pfp alt text: An animated pixel art piece of Kata Kabun, a bunny doll with silver hair in a maid dress. It is talking, showing off its posable jaw in the ball-jointed version of its design.

header alt text: wide kabun

Both images were made by this one.

#JoyKabuns #Artist #Writer #Doll #Furry #Gaming #RP #Roleplay #EmptySpaces #CelesteGame #fedi22

Another Reddit refugee. Sorry for my shitty english

I cuss..a lot.

Cat worshipper.


I don't bite. Usually.

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